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NTBACKUP.EXE failed to back up the staging folder to the backup device.

Note: This information is only applicable to Windows Server 2003.

There are several reasons why NTBACKUP can fail:

  • The backup media was not inserted into the backup device.
  • The backup media was protected against writing.
  • The verification of the backup media failed.
  • You clicked the Cancel button on NTBACKUP.
  • The Removable Storage service was disabled or failed to start.
  • There was not enough disk space to create the .BKF file.
  • The NTBACKUP command line contained a syntax error.
How to View the NTBACKUP Error Log

To view the NTBACKUP error log, run NTBACKUP manually. Click on Start -> Run. Type “NTBACKUP” and click the OK button.

After NTBACKUP starts, click on the link Advanced mode to switch to Advanced Mode.

Select the menu item Tools and select Report. Select the report named “U-MOVE BACKUP yyyymmdd,”, where yyyymmdd is the current date. Click OK. Scroll to the bottom of the log to see the reason for the error.

How to Run NTBACKUP Manually

If U-Move is unable to run NTBACKUP for you, you can try to run NTBACKUP yourself. To run NTBACKUP manually use the following procedure.

Start NTBACKUP as described above. Click on the tab Backup.

In the left panel open the tree and drill down to the name of the staging folder. Click the checkmark box next to it. Do not click any other items.

Find Backup destination (bottom) and select either File or the backup device, as applicable.

Find Backup media or file name and type in the path to the .BKF file. If using a backup device, select New.

Click the button Start Backup. The backup should proceed normally.

Inspect the error log (as described above) to verify that the staging folder was backed up successfully.