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Using an Incompatible Backup Utility

U-Move can extract Active Directory from a .BKF file created by Microsoft's NTBACKUP or any compatible third-party backup utility. U-Move will automatically extract the Active Directory files from the .BKF file and copy them into an empty staging folder.

U-Move can extract Active Directory from Windows Server 2008-2016 using Windows Server Backup.

In some cases the backup file may be stored in an different format. For example, you may be using a third party backup utility such as Computer Associates ARCServe or Veritas NetBackup. These utilities use a file format that may not be compatible with Microsoft NTBACKUP.

How Create the Staging Folder with a Third Party Backup Utility

To create the staging folder manually, use your backup utility to restore the files from the backup device to the staging folder. Indicate to the backup utility that you want to restore the files to an "alternate location". (The exact procedure will vary.) Enter the path to an empty staging folder.

Next, select the option to "restore security settings". (The exact wording will vary.) You must restore the security settings of the files to their original Access Control List (ACL) permissions.

Do not select the option to "restore junction points" or "restore reparse links" (or similar wording). U-Move will re-create the junction points later.

Below is an example of the correct restore options for Microsoft NTBACKUP. The list of available options in your backup utility will vary.