Types of Licenses

UMove offers three license levels: single computer, unlimited site, and Enterprise.

  • The single computer license is limited to one source computer. It allows you to move Active Directory to any number of destination computers, for example for repeated testing or training. More information
  • The unlimited site license is good for all domain controllers at one site. A site is anywhere in your organization within walking distance, such as a college campus or a corporate campus. The license is for the 32-bit edition or the 64-bit edition of the software (not both). The license allows one person to travel and install the software at multiple sites. Technical support is limited to one person.
  • The Enterprise license allows any number of technicians to install the software or get technical support at any of your locations worldwide. It includes both the 32-bit edition and 64-bit edition of the software. It provides extended technical support after business hours and on weekends.

The unlimited site license allows one person in your organization to to request technical support. This is the Designated Support Contact. If (for example) you have three different technicians who you want to be able to request technical support, you would need three unlimited site licenses. The Enterprise license allows any member of your technical staff to request technical support.

Enterprise Media

The Enterprise license includes the option of receiving a CD media image with your license code already activated, along with the right to make copies of the media for distribution to all of your sites.